Web application for truck logistic AstorGet

Andy Danilyuk

Presentational version of an angular application for concrete manufacturer that allow monitoring truck location online and displaying full information about each order. This version uses a dummy data generated with faker.js package. Because I cannot use real personal data for obvious reasons. For now, the data is static, but I am currently developing a solution for simulating truck moving online.


  • Get drivers by custom API (for this version I use Firebase)
  • Filter drivers with text input and select
  • Pagination
  • Display static location of plants
  • Display dynamic locations of drivers by checkbox
  • Show/hide all drivers on map
  • Display dynamic locations of objects by checkbox
  • Show/hide all objects on map
  • Show full dynamic information about an order by clicking map marker


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • TypeScript
  • Angular 9
  • Google Maps API

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